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September 19th, 2008

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11:33 pm - Law of Gravity: A Fay D. Flourite FST
Fandom: Tsubasa
Subject: Fay D. Flourite (And Kuro/Fay, Fay/r!Fay, Fay/Sakura, Fay/Syaoran, Fay/Mokona, and/or Fay/Ashura-ou, if you want to see any of those. They're all there, just depends on whether you believe it to be platonic or not.)
Title: Law of Gravity: A Fay D. Flourite FST
Warnings: Spoilers for the series? IDK.
Notes: I tried not to focus on one aspect of Fay's development... but incidentally it's a lot easier to find emo songs about Infinity then, say, Nihon. But lol, they're in there. Basically the songs are in order from pre!series ----> Clow Country.
File Hosting: If the link doesn't work for downloading, please let me know and I'll be happy to reupload it! Secondly, if there's anything wrong with the rar file or the files within, please let me know right away and I'll do what I can to fix it.

Here @ wistful_icons


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